Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun Friday in Retrospect

Since it was our last official day of vacation, Beren and I decided to make the most of it. We got up early and headed to the sailing club, braved the incredible heat and took the boat out for the day.

Now, when Beren and I first started dating and he told me about his passion for sailing and dream of retiring on a boat, I was hesitant to say the least. This landlubber gal had not ever been on the water and wasn't sure if she ever wanted to! Beren was convincing, though, assuring me that all I had to do was "look cute and not get in the way." Ha! He neglected to mention that I'd also have to wear "sensible" (aka "ugly") shoes, clean and even paint said vessel when required (hell on a manicure, let me tell you!), pack lunches, play bartender, get the boat on & off the mooring, and occasionally steer.

Honestly, though, for the most part I am called upon to stay out of the way and attempt to look cute!

Up Go the Sails!

Though exhausted from the sun & surf, Friday evening we met some friends (including Kali and her dad, Strider) for cocktails at a new little sports bar nearby...

then headed out to a fantastic Cajun restaurant see one of our good friends play guitar in his band. It was an odd evening, perhaps due to the full moon, as we found ourselves running into old pals we hadn't seen in years!

We all had a great time, a fabulously fun Friday and the perfect kickoff to the weekend!

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