Friday, August 29, 2008

Rapunzel Balboa

Last night Beren and I met Lily, her boyfriend, Kali and her friend Mario at a new little sports bar right near my house, Mario is a big Obama fan so wanted to watch his acceptance speech on tv. There was a huge table of Obama supporters there so we were in good company. Well, halfway through the night these two guys came in from the pizza joint next door, apparently owners or worked there because they were wearing the restaurant uniforms. We were sitting there minding our own business, sharing wings and a pitcher of beer when one of the pizza guys turned straight to Mario and said, “Booooo, Obama!” What the hell? Out of nowhere! He and Mario had words back & forth and then the one guy looked at his friend and said, “What’s he going to do? He’s got no backup!” At that point I lost it. I yelled, “I’ll back him up! You want to fight a girl? Bring it on, I’ll do it!” and a few other such things. I was LIVID. You know how we moms can be when it comes to protecting my kids, and Mario is “mine” too. I was shaking I was so mad, the guy stared at me, stunned, and turned away like the wuss that he is. The owner of the bar came over and literally sat between Mario & him, offered to buy us a round, etc. I was shaking, just infuriated me that someone could be such an ass, provoking trouble for no reason! There were children there at the "Obama table," for goodness' sake! Apparently alcohol, stupidity and politics don’t mix. Did I mention that these guys were at least in their 40's, old enough to be Mario's father? Beren was shocked at my fury, my kids were not. Guess he’s never seen me in that situation? I don’t know. When the Obama table was done they all came up to me and said something, shook my hand, etc. One woman said, “You sure shut him up!” *blush* Me and my big mouth. But you know, someone has to speak up! And I was ready to fight, can you see me in a bar fight!? As usual I was wearing heels, told the kids that I just learned by watching a Beauty and the Beast episode that a woman can and should use her heel to put someone’s eye out if necessary so here’s a pic of me and Mario with me armed to take on the idiot..

I'm getting awfully ballsy in my old age, aren't I? *wink*

p.s. A little confession: I admit that I'm not necessarily an Obama supporter; at this point I am still on the fence about who I'm voting for. I'm not politically savvy which is why I don't talk politics and I certainly don't fight over it! The issue for me last night was not about who the guy was supporting, it was about harassment. If he'd wanted sit down and politely debate or discuss with Mario I'd have welcomed him to our table and poured him a beer. Heckling and instigating is another thing entirely.


Anonymous said...

yes you CAN!!!!



Rapunzel said...

Love you, Jersey! Thank you for always encouraging me to do/be whatever I want. xoxoxoxo

YorkshireSop said...

I agree entirely with your actions. Go, girl! No-one gets between a mother and her wolf-cubs, no-one! Aside from the fact that this guy obviously hadn't got the intellect to back up his woefully ineffectual opinions

Helena S. said...

Wonderful photo - both of them. :-) But that Obama argument sounded really stupid. Alcohol makes people act like assholes.

PS. I really hope that Obama wins.

kim said...

You go girl! I am the same way about my daughters friends. They are "mine" too.

(i have actually been in a bar fight........with a guy....)

Teacats said...

Well done! Nothing like a riled-up witch to take on a silly fool! That kind of behaviour doesn't work for any type of politics! BTW -- another HUGE "Beauty and the Beast" fan here too! LOL!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Mama Brook said...

You go mama!
I'm a Mama for Obama too!

Mama Brook

Rapunzel said...

Thanks so much for the support! If nothing else the incident encouraged me to get informed and involved, not just sit back and stick my head in the sand.

BTW, my daughter posted a blog about being proud of me for speaking up, that in itself was worth it. :-)

Suz Broughton said...

"Apparently alcohol, stupidity and politics don’t mix" truer words have never been spoken.
Love the photo!

C.J. Redwine said...

*Would love to comment on the actual content of the post but is too busy drooling over your gorgeous shoe*

linda said...

yeah, you go girl! woohoo....I'd been right there backing you up, I have a real problem with men who get a little booze in them and then want to go around and pick fights with those perceived smaller, weaker, younger than they waaaay to go!


Lady Laurie said...

Oh, I'm so proud of you!
The guy was a real jerk!
I'm usually the mousey one in the background because I hate confrontation ~ I wish I could be as feisty as you!!